Sunday, November 8, 2015

A. L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium and our Dog Walk

Now that we can get the pictures off our camera again, we’re going to play “catch-up” and give you some pictures of the surrounding area in our next three posts. This first one is a favorite for walks, both inside and outside.
A. L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium, Highland AR west side
A. L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium, Highland AR west side
The new (as of a couple years ago) A.L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium is geat new addition to our community, and to Highland High School, home of the Rebels.
The city of Highland is located along highway 62/412, between Hardy and Ash Flat, Arkansas, and just outside of Cherokee Village. This new facility has a 2146 seat gymnasium, with two levels. The inside is open to the public and has a great indoor walking track around the circular corridor surrounding the gym. During events, it has a concession stand on each level, as well as many additional offices, and locker rooms. It is also used for public events and entertainment.
And speaking of entertainment, Little Big Town’s own Phillip Sweet graduated from Highland High School. This area in general has produced some great entertainers. The city of Hardy was the home to the Wilburn Brothers, and West Plains, Missouri, just to the north was home to Porter Wagoner. We may have another star in the making in the form of Lauren Gray, who is making a name for herself in area venues. Cherokee Village is also the home of Doug Driesel (aka Doug DeForest), a well known name in the music business, who also owns Lake Paradise Recording Studio right here in Cherokee Village.
We like to take walks with our German Spitz, Angel, when the weather permits, but sometimes our favorite parks are busy. We prefer the quieter areas, and the A. L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium has a HUGE parking lot all the way around the building. It makes for a smooth and not too hilly trek around the perimeter.
A. L. Hutson Memorial Gynasium, Highland, AR looking east
A. L. Hutson Memorial Gynasium, Highland, AR looking east
You can just see the walking path between the gym and Highland High School through the vacant lot between them, in the picture above. Large grassy areas surround the entire parking lot, which makes it nice for Angel, so he can take care of his “necessities”. Looking to the southeast (below), across the parking lot, you can just see the Dollar General Store, on the other side of highway 62/412. That little dark green dot right below it is our minivan in the far corner of this parking lot.
A. L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium, Highland, AR looking southeast
A. L. Hutson Memorial Gymnasium, Highland, AR looking southeast
As you can see this parking lot is HUGE. It’s nice to have plenty of outside space to walk, where we can stay out of the ticks, chiggers and fleas, so prevalent in the grass and wooded areas, not only here, but in most of the southeast part of the country. We’re sure that Angel appreciates it, too!
It’s a shame to let this much real estate set empty when there’s no events happening, but I don’t think they will let anyone with an RV or camper overnight here. But then, I ‘ve never had occasion to ask, either. However, just six miles west is a nice Walmart Super Centerat Ash Flat, and they do allow overnight RV parking. They also have a McDonald’s Express inside the store and an automotive center, but no deli. Everyone is hoping that they might find room for a deli during the next remodel.
Also in Ash Flat, you’ll find a Subway sandwich shop within the Murphy USA Quick-mart, and a Sonic Drive-in, Pizza Hut and a Mexican restaurant across the street, along with an O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store. If you need service, we highly recommend Bailey’s Wheel Alignment, about a half mile north of the stoplight. They are a full-service repair shop and have the equipment for larger rigs. Clint Bailey’s crew has done a lot of work for me over the years, and it’s always done right, on time, and for the price quoted. There’s also a very nice fitness center across the road from Walmart to the east, as well as a nice car wash facility. And this is all east of the stoplight.
West of the stoplight you’ll find Johnson’s Ace Hardware, the Sharp County Courthouse, First National Banking Company’s Main offices, another gas station, more restaurants, and finally… a blinker light. If you turn right there, that’s actually the main street, and at the far end on the right is the post office.
In the next post, we’re going to give you a tour of Loberg Park, and Hardy Camper Park, along the banks of the beautiful Spring River, and within the city of Hardy. After that, we’ll come back to Ash Flat, to the War Memorial at their city park. Coming up later this month is the Cave City Watermelon Festival, about 25 miles farther south. They are known all over the midwest for the sweetest watermelons you will find anywhere!
Now that we can get the pictures off the camera again, we hope to have pictures with every post. I also have a new TracFone ordered, which also has a camera, so I’ll have a back-up.
As always, let me know your thoughts, and thanks for reading and being patient!

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